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Seeding & Aeration

Seeding & Aeration


"Watch Video on Core Aeration & Overseeding".

After a period of stress, your lawn needs to be "rejuvenated". Aeration, in combination with overseeding, provides your lawn with a more dense stand of turf, reducing the potential for future weed and insect infestation.

Aeration is a cultural treatment that will help improve the recycling flow of air, water, and fertilizer to your grass plants. The aeration process leaves small plugs of thatch and soil on the lawn which will decompose in a few weeks with normal mowing and natural irrigation. The plugs contain microorganisms that will help control the buildup of thatch tissue and continue the process of nutrient recycling within the soil for better turf response. This, in turn, will help to rejuvenate your grass by allowing the roots to grow deeper, creating healthier grass plants, and keeping your lawn thicker and greener.

By overseeding your lawn with our specially blended, proprietary grass seeds, you will in fact be planting improved varieties of turf that have better resistance to insect and disease attacks.

Remember: Seeding and aerating your lawn can . . .
 Reduce Soil Compaction! Stimulate Root Growth! Decrease Water Run-off! Increase Air & Water Penetration! Improve Nutrient Uptake Via The Root System! Help Stimulate Microbial Activity!